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Why shouldn’t young black people be Right-wing? November 14, 2022, Unherd

The collapse of the ‘diversity’ industry can’t come soon enough. August 4, 2022, The Telegraph

It’s time academics realised they can’t give in to blackmail. July 24, 2022, The Sunday Telegraph

The Telford grooming-gangs scandal shames our nation. July 13, 2022, Spiked

Islamic fundamentalists are using woke tactics to crush free speech. June 12, 2022, The Sunday Telegraph

Sasha Johnson and the black lives that don’t matter. May 26, 2022, Spiked

The woke mob wants to replace virtue with ‘correct-think’. November 21, 2021, The Sunday Telegraph

COP26 and the cynical exploitation of ‘indigenous peoples’. November 17, 2021, Spiked

Has Black Lives Matter made a difference?. May 25, 2021, The Times

I don’t speak for black people. October 19, 2020, Spiked

Don’t import America’s race wars into the UK. September 4, 2020, Spiked

A ‘black’ university would take us backwards. August 25, 2020, Spiked

We Can’t Just Oppose Racism: We Must Transcend Race. August 5, 2020, Areo

We need to abolish race. August 4, 2020, Spiked

The grim re-emergence of white identity politics. June 26, 2020, Spiked

Modern-day witchfinders won’t end the hate by pulling down statues — they’ll only fuel it. June 19, 2020, Daily Mail

For the sake of free thought and civilised debate, Rhodes Must Not Fall. June 9, 2020, The Telegraph

In defence of colourblindness. June 16, 2020, Spiked

These protests have nothing to do with racism. June 8, 2020, Spiked

Our culture of fear has driven us to irrationality. May 1, 2020, Spiked

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